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Managing Aging Memory & Dementia


Community Caregiver Forum November 2015
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and 2 other resources: Caregiver Strain Index
& Preparedness for Caregiving Scale


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Medical Treatment in Cognitive Decline
Bruce E. Robinson
MD MPH Chief of Geriatrics,
Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Understanding the Diagnosis
and Types of Dementias

Alan B. Grindal, M.D.  F.A.A.N

Delirium - “Acute Brain Failure”
Karen Reynolds, DNP, CNS-BC, FGNLA

Understanding Dementia & Supportive Services
Kathleen Houseweart, MBA
Sarasota Memorial Hospital
Memory Disorder Clinic
Sponsored by the Florida Department
of Elder Affairs


State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs

Memory Clinic at Sarasota Memorial Hospital

1515 S Osprey Ave Suite A-1
Sarasota, FL 34239
Phone: 941-917-7197

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Do you have ... 

Difficulty remembering new things?

Problems handling complicated tasks, like balancing the checkbook or paying bills?

Trouble solving everyday problems at work or at home?

Trouble finding words?

Some memory loss is normal as we age. But, if memory loss is affecting your ability or the ability of someone you love to live a fulfilling, joyful life, we can help.

The Memory Clinic, partially funded by the Department of Elder Affairs, provides assessment and evaluation for persons with memory loss. A multi-disciplinary team, including neurologists, geriatrician and neuropsychologist, work together to offer the most accurate diagnosis possible. Our staff is specially trained to provide education to caregivers and to help families find the resources necessary to live with the symptoms of memory trouble.

The initial examination is designed to be simple or complex, as the person’s problem requires. Only those tests and referrals necessary for an accurate diagnosis are ordered. The geriatrician, neurologist, neuropsychologist, nurse practitioners and social workers come together as a team to review clinical information and recommend appropriate treatment.

Once the evaluation process is complete, a written report is provided to the patient, primary care doctor and caregivers. A clinic physician and staff will meet with each patient and family to review and explain all results. Time is taken to teach about the diagnosis and make specific recommendations about organizing care.

Medicare and other insurance typically cover much of the costs of the medical evaluation and the tests. We accept Medicare and Medicaid assignments. It is always a good idea to verify coverage with your insurance provider in advance.

Approximately 15 percent of significant memory loss have reversible or treatable causes. For others, new treatments are available to preserve function and allow individuals to continue to enjoy a high quality of life. Learning more about managing symptoms can also help. A multidisciplinary team works together to provide state of the art evaluation, education and compassionate support.

The Sarasota Memorial Memory Clinic also offers free community education, memory screenings and a support group for families affected by early signs of memory trouble. (See the Community Health Calendar for dates and locations.)

Sponsored by Sarasota Memorial Hospital and State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs. Serving Sarasota, Desoto and Highlands Counties.


What is the Memory Disorder Clinic?
The Sarasota Memorial Hospital Memory Disorder Clinic is designated by the State of Florida as one of 15 Alzheimer's Disease Initiative (ADI) memory clinics across the state of Florida. A multi-disciplinary team, including a geriatrician, neurologist, and neuropsychologist provides expert diagnostic services, as well as support and education for caregivers. The clinic also provides ongoing community education in the form of lectures, seminars, support groups and free memory screenings, and participates in research to find a treatment and cure for dementing illnesses.

How do I make a referral to the Memory Disorder Clinic?
The Sarasota Memorial Hospital Memory Disorder Clinic can be contacted at 941-917-7197 or by fax 941-917-4016. Electronic referrals are NOT accepted at this time. Patients or family can call to schedule an appointment. No physician referral is needed.

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