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The following Support Groups are held at Sarasota Memorial or facilitated by Sarasota Memorial staff members at other local locations.  Please call contact numbers for dates, times and locations.

Title:                 Alcoholics Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Al-Anon
Contact:           Bayside Center 917-7760

 Title:                 Aphasia
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                 Breast Feeding
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777 or Childbirth Education 917-1700

Title:                 Breast Cancer Survivors Exercise Program
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777 or Wellness Community 921-5339

Title:                 Celiac
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                  Chron's & Colitis
Contact:            HealthLine 917-7777 or 941-228-0673

Title:                 Depressive/Manic Depressive
Contact:           Bayside Center 917-7760

Title:                 Diabetes Education 
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                 Early Stage Memory Loss
Contact:           Memory Disorder Clinic 917-7197 or HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                 Face/Craniofacial Disorders
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                 Heart Healthy Eating
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                 Hepatitis – Liver Disorder
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                 Man-to-Man Prostate Cancer
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777                   

Title                  Memories To Hold (Perinatal Bereavement)
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                 Mothers & Babies Get Togethers
Contact:           Childbirth Education 917-1700 or HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                 Reinventing Life:  Emotional Wellness and Health Recovery, Stress
                                                          Management/Cardiac Rehab
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                 Scleroderma
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                 Stroke Survivors, Families and Caregivers Education and Support
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                Wellness in Newtown - Recovering from Cancer
Contact:          HealthLine 917-7777

Title:                 Woman-to-Woman Breast Cancer
Contact:           HealthLine 917-7777

The HealthLine will also help you register for classes and programs sponsored by Sarasota Memorial Hospital. You can either call 941-917-7777 or register online here through the Community Health Calendar.

If you have difficulty obtaining health care services, Sarasota Memorial HealthLine can help with this, as well. Knowledgeable staff will guide you to the appropriate area or service.

The HealthLine is open Monday-Friday, from 8:00AM to 5:00PM -- major holidays excluded.
Phone: 941-917-7777 or 800-764-8255 (ex7777).

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