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Specialized Services
All services are customized to meet individual goals and needs. Some of our special programs include:


Balance Program back to top
Balance Rehab ExercisePeople with balance, vestibular or dizziness problems can have difficulty with even the simplest tasks. Happily, help is available. Medical research has demonstrated balance problems are neither imaginary nor inevitable with age, and there are effective treatments available for those who experience them.

Our team of balance therapists – medical professionals and clinicians who are specially trained in the evaluation and treatment of balance disorders use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to evaluate and treat people suffering from balance disorders.

Sarasota Memorial is Southwest Florida’s only hospital to offer the Balance Master System® for the diagnosis and re-training of patients with balance problems. This interactive, computerized system provides objective measures of a patient's ability to balance and allows the rehab team to objectively assess a patient’s ability to perform tasks ranging from essential daily living activities through high-level athletic skills. The measurements provided by the Balance Master system help in the design of effective treatment plans and/or training programs focused on the underlying cause of the patient’s functional limitations.

Cardiac Rehabilitation back to top
Old Man on TreadmillSpecifically designed for patients who have experienced a cardiac event and now need rehabilitation, this three-phased program returns patients back to the level of physical endurance and self-sufficiency they enjoyed prior to their illness. In Phase I, patients are assessed and educated about their abilities, limitations and risk factors. Phase II begins a customized monitored exercise program that is supervised by our clinical staff of nurses and exercise physiologists. In Phase III, patients progress to independent exercise with the goal of returning to their normal lifestyle. Medicare and most insurance plans cover the first two phases.

Driver’s Assessment and Re-Education  back to top
Designed to evaluate and improve driver safety, the Sarasota Memorial Driver’s Assessment and Re-Education program is coordinated by occupational therapists certified in driver evaluation and rehabilitation.

Old Lady Driving hahahahah lolThe program includes:

  • Assessment of vision, thinking, visual perceptual, physical skills and reaction time
  • Behind-the-wheel exercises in a customized driving program car, beginning in a parking lot and then advancing into more complex traffic. Behind-the-wheel assessments are performed in your community where the area is familiar.


Results of your assessment are sent to your referring physician for follow-up and referrals for further services if needed.

Re-Education & Training
Our training and re-education program consists of in-vehicle education and practice in challenging situations, correction of unsafe habits and, if necessary, use of adaptive equipment to facilitate safer driving habits.

A physician referral requesting a driving assessment and listing a medical diagnosis is required for participation.

We are unable to evaluate and treat people who are obtaining their license for the first time or who must drive while seated in a wheelchair. Individuals must be able to get into and out of a vehicle independently to participate in the program. For information, please call (941) 917-2183.

Functional Capacity Evaluations  back to top
A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) safely and objectively measures:

  • Repetitive lifting capacity at various levels
  • Repetitive push, pull, and carrying capacities
  • Hand grip strength
  • Tolerance for elevated work
  • Prolonged trunk flexion in sitting and standing
  • Prolonged trunk rotation in sitting and standing
  • Prolonged crawl, knee and sustained crouch positions
  • Repetitive squat
  • Tolerance for prolonged sitting and standing
  • Maximum walking, stairs and stepladder capacity
  • Balance
  • Hand coordination


Results and recommendations are discussed with the patient and the referring physician before a program of rehabilitation is designed.

For more information, please call (941) 917-1385.

Golf Performance Program back to top
Golfing in SunsetYou not only want to feel up to par, you want to shoot it as well. After all, the Suncoast has more golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the United States. So Sarasota Memorial’s Golf Performance program is designed to help those devoted to the game, but whose performance has been challenged by their recovery, get back on course.

Licensed therapists with clinical expertise and a thorough knowledge of the game will do a comprehensive physical evaluation and develop a customized exercise program to build the strength and flexibility you need to improve the distance, accuracy and control of your swing. And possibly even correct your slice.

Tests performed during the evaluation include measurements of:

  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Trunk, pelvis, shoulder stability
  • Conditioning level


However, we cannot promise a lower handicap. For more information, please call (941) 917-7600.

HealthFit Powered by Sarasota Memorial  back to top
HealthFit powered by Sarasota Memorial medical fitness center features a blend of fitness and health education, prevention and rehabilitation services – all in one location, the Institute for Advanced Medicine. To learn more, click on the link above or call our Healthplex at (941) 917-7000.

Lymphedema Management Program back to top
Patients with Lymphedema experience swelling associated with lymphatic fluid. This swelling is managed using non-invasive procedures such as manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging, exercise and associated skin and nail care. Therapists certified in these specialized techniques educate and instruct patients in self-help techniques so they can manage primary or secondary lymphedema independently.

For more information, please call (941) 917-1385.

Neurological Rehabilitation  back to top
An integral component of Sarasota Memorial’s Neuroscience Center of Excellence, our Outpatient Neurological Rehab Program works with people recovering from neurological injury or illness. Therapy started in the hospital is continued on an outpatient basis. Our team of specialists meets regularly with patients and their families to discuss progress and goals. Treatment plans including physical, occupational, and speech therapy are customized to help people recover from or adapt to any physical or cognitive limitations and achieve their optimal level of independence.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation  back to top
Swimming RehabRehabilitation from a sports injury or reconstructive surgery is different for every patient. Age, physical condition, and lifestyle factor into the patient’s recovery program, as well as what area of the body is affected and to what degree. Sarasota Memorial’s skilled staff of rehabilitation therapists includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, and exercise specialists who work with each patient to develop a plan of care designed to minimize pain and maximize mobility. Protocols may include specialized exercise equipment, pool therapy, customized fitness routines, orthotics or other devices, and pain management.

Pain Management  back to top
Constant, nagging pain can destroy the quality of your life. But it doesn’t have to. From traditional treatments and medications to breakthrough interventional procedures - all tailored to meet your specific needs – Sarasota Memorial’s Pain Care Centers offer the widest range of coordinated pain care services available in Southwest Florida to help bring you pain relief.

Robomedica® Body Weight Support System  back to top
Robomedica’s Body weight support system is the most advanced tool available to assist patients with mobility – and Sarasota Memorial is the region’s only hospital to offer this state-of-the-art computerized harness and treadmill system. This computerized harness and treadmill stimulates muscle movement for patients unable to walk or participate in weight-bearing exercise, it protects patients from falling while helping them safely progress in therapy. It is especially beneficial for those limited by stroke, neurological conditions, or joint replacements.

Sports Injuries  back to top
Whether you’re a serious athlete or just playing the occasional round of golf or tennis, you may sustain an injury that requires rehab. Sarasota Memorial’s rehab therapists and exercise physiologists specialize in treating sports-related and orthopedic injuries. Their expertise and experience ensures a quick and safe return to the pleasures of your sport.

For more information, please call (941) 917-1385.

Stroke Rehabilitation  back to top
Our Neurological/Stroke Rehabilitation Program is designed to help people affected by stroke or other neurological disorders, such as Parkinsons or Guillan-Barre, achieve higher levels of physical, cognitive, social and emotional independence and overcome or adapt to a lingering disability. The program combines physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, social services and neuro-psychology services under the direction of a physiatrist (physical medicine and rehabilitation physician). Education, disease management, diet, home set-up, social and emotional needs and home exercise programs are provided to patients and their families to help them manage their care and perform acts of daily living at home. Click here for more information about our Stroke Specialty Program.

Videostroboscopy  back to top
Voice problems are often the result of a misfiring of the vocal cords caused by swelling, vocal abuse, muscle tension, tissue masses, or paralysis of one of the cords. Videostroboscopy is a state of the art technology used to record and observe the motion of the vocal cords. It allows the vocal cords to be examined speaking or singing.

A trained speech pathologist using either a rigid telescope placed into the mouth or a small flexible telescope placed into the nose performs the exam, making a “movie” of the vibrating vocal cords that can be replayed in either slow motion or stop action. From the resulting images, which show even the slightest abnormality, allow for a more accurate diagnosis.

Most people tolerate the procedure quite easily. A few require a slight numbing spray to make the scope more comfortable as it enters the nose or mouth. The numbing effect wears off in about one hour. Speaking is quite easy during the examination and you are able to see the recording while it is being made if you wish.

Work Injury Rehabilitation/Worker’s Compensation back to top
Returning to work after a difficult illness or injury can be a challenge. Our occupational and physical therapists customize a program to make the transition as successful as possible.

BIG RED BALLPatients participating in our injury Rehab program will be evaluated for:

  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Gait/Mobility
  • Sensation
  • Reflexes
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