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What You Should Know About Us:
We Believe In...

A Patient-Centered Philosophy
We believe that every individual, regardless of disability, has the potential to achieve a dignified, productive and personally meaningful life. We respect the diversity of our patients and their families, recognizing tha teach patient deserves a treatment program that addresses their unique needs.

A Caring Mission
We are dedicated to helping patients overcome the challenges caused by their illness or injury, and to helping them return to their home and community - and the life they love - having reached their highest possible level of physical independence.

A Strong Set of Values
We will work tirelessly to maintain an environment that supports and rewards caring and compassion, excellence, teamwork, trust, mutual respect, recognition, cost effectiveness and ethical behavior.

An Ethic of Accountability
We are accountable to those whom we serve and are dedicated to improving their quality of life. Business operations are conducted in a consistent, ethical manner, as guided by our philosophy, vision, mission and value statements.

Whether you are receiving treatment as an inpatient or on an outpatient basis, our rehab team will be with you through every phase of your recovery. Our team includes:

Case Managers (social workers and nurses): to assist in the planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of medical services for our patients.

Occupational Therapists (OT): to assist patients in relearning the "activities of daily living" like eating, bathing, dressing, and household, work or school activities. They also help patients learn to use special adaptive devices to promote independence at home.

Orthotists and Prosthetists: to valuate, cast, fabricate and fit custom orthoses and prostheses in order to maximize the patient’s functional independence.

Physiatrist (pronounced "fizz-eye’-a-trist"), the rehab team’s lead physician. A specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, the Physiatrist consults with the patient’s physician to determine whether inpatient rehabilitation is necessary. Among other things, the Physiatrist consult may cover:

  • Bowel/bladder management
  • Contracture prevention
  • Evaluation for adaptive equipment
  • Exercise prescription
  • Functional assessment
  • Prognosis
  • Recommendations for family education and training
  • Skin management
  • Workplace and home modification

Physical Therapists (PT): to help patients build strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance, as well as learn new ways to achieve independent mobility.

Psychologists: to provide confidential counseling to help patients manage the emotional, cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal problems that may arise following an injury or illness, and assure optimal care by working closely with patients, their physicians and other healthcare professionals. The team includes:

• Clinical Psychologists: to help patients learn about the many physical and emotional changes that may accompany their disabilities or illnesses. They address problem-solving, emotional adjustment, sexual concerns, pain control and stress management.

• Neuro-psychologists to address issues concerning the neurological trauma, chronic illness, chronic pain, and physical disability that can have a significant psychological impact on disabled individuals and their families. Neuro-psychologists conduct tests for patients with brain injuries or other neurological disorders in order to evaluate cognition, memory and behavior deficits and track their recovery.

MassargeRecreation Therapists (RT): to provide skill training that helps patients once again enjoy recreational and leisure activities.

Registered Dietitians (RD): to ensure patients receive the nutrients they need to heal and participate fully in rehabilitation activities. They guide patients in modifying their diets as indicated by health conditions or changes in activity.

Rehabilitation Nurses (RN or CRRN): With advanced training in the care of rehabilitation patients, our specialized nurses work in concert with physicians and therapists to coordinate all aspects of care and treatment. In addition to providing prescribed medical or surgical care, rehabilitation nurses focus on:

  • Preventing a secondary disability
  • Enhancing the function of affected systems
  • Enhancing the function of unaffected systems
  • Facilitating adaptation by helping patients learn to manage their medications, develop strategies for bowel and bladder management, and care for the skin.

Respiratory Therapists (AART): to assist patients in maximizing breathing function and helping those who use ventilators or have other respiratory problems.

Social Workers (LSW, MSW): to work with patients and their families to plan for life outside the hospital – addressing housing, caregiving and economic concerns, as well as strengthening relationships with family and friends. They also help patients and their families connect with local resources and programs available through community, social and financial agencies.

Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP): to help patients with communication issues, as well as restore reading, writing, memory and problem-solving skills. They also evaluate and train patients with swallowing difficulties to help them resume safe eating.

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