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Sarasota Memorial’s Robotic Surgery Program
Sarasota Memorial is proud to have been the first hospital in the region to pioneer da Vinci robotic surgery for patients on the Suncoast ... and beyond.

With four robots, including the latest generation da Vinci Xi, the nation’s most advanced suite of integrated operating rooms and more than two dozen da Vinci-trained surgeons in multiple specialties, Sarasota Memorial offers the most experienced program in the region. 

From delicate heart/lung surgery and gynecological and prostate cancer surgery, to bariatric, general and cancer surgery, our da Vinci surgeons are equipped with revolutionary tools that provide superior visualization, enhanced dexterity, and greater precision for optimal performance of minimally invasive procedures. The system’s 3D cameras provide magnification 10 times that of the naked eye, while the instruments offer articulation and range of motion not possible with the human wrist.

A minimally invasive alternative to open surgery, the da Vinci surgical system allows Sarasota Memorial surgeons to perform complex procedures through four small incisions – just one- to two-centimeters. The benefits for patients are significant:

  • Reduced pain and trauma
  • Fewer complications
  • Less risk of infection
  • Less risk of blood loss, fewer transfusions
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Faster recovery
  • Quicker return to normal activities

Sarasota Memorial’s robotic surgeons have been specially trained to use the system for minimally invasive cardiovascular and thoracic surgeries, renal surgery, urologic and gynecologic conditions and cancers and a growing number of general surgeries that can be performed through a traditionally open or laparoscopic approach.

Physician Referral
For information about or a referral to Sarasota's robotic surgeons, please call Sarasota Memorial's HealthLine at (941) 917-7777.

Sarasota Memorial’s robotic surgeons frequently train and mentor other surgeons learning to use the robotic system and provide ongoing research and educational opportunities related to robotic surgery outcomes and techniques.  Learn More >>

Foundation Support
Special thanks to Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation and generous community donors whose contributions continue to ensure our hospital and community has the most advanced, state-of-the-art robotic technology.

Robotic Surgery Patient Experience Website
People interested in robotic surgery can browse stories -- in video and text formats -- by condition, gender and geography. Learn from patients' first-hand accounts -- or submit your own at

Robotic Surgery Video: Sarasota Memorial robotic surgeons demonstrate how the da Vinci Surgical System works.

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