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The best treatment for many cardiovascular patients often involves a combination of surgical and interventional procedures. Unlike traditional surgery, interventional procedures involve catheters – thin, flexible tubes – to get inside blood vessels for diagnostic tests or to repair damaged vessels or other heart structures.  

Sarasota Memorial’s new hybrid cardiac catheterization lab-surgical suite is designed to allow our interventional cardiologists and cardiac and vascular surgeons to perform advanced hybrid therapies – combinations of catheter-based, conventional, and less invasive surgical procedures  – and improve care for patients who need multiple procedures as part of their treatment.

With all of the technology and services of cardiac surgery, vascular surgery and interventional cardiology integrated in one room, patients don’t have to undergo multiple procedures on different days or be moved to separate procedure rooms to complete their care. 

Procedures performed in the new hybrid rooms include minimally invasive methods to fix and repair heart valves, correct abnormal heartbeats and place stents to fix diseased or damaged heart vessels. The hybrid approach allows patients, for example, to receive a cardiac catheterization to check coronary arteries before planned valve surgeries or undergo a hybrid stent procedure and valve surgery at the same time. 

A custom-designed imaging system on a robotic arm integrates intravascular ultrasound, dynamic CT imaging, angiography, and other imaging technologies, providing detailed pictures of the heart and blood vessels to help specialists diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. 

The new room improves safety, allowing patients to undergo the least invasive techniques possible and minimize the need for heart-lung machines and longer operating times. Recovery time is longer and complications greater the longer heart-lung machines have to circulate blood and breathe for patients during open-heart procedures.

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