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financialPatient Assistance Programs is focused on addressing the financial needs of the uninsured and underinsured patients at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. It is our goal to alleviate the financial stress of their visit by identifying the best possible financial recourse for the patient based on each individual situation.

Our team of PAP Representatives and Caseworkers diligently strive to interview these patients prior to, during or shortly after their visit, as well as obtain all financial information and documentation needed to pursue the best option possible.

All other financial resources available to the patient are to be considered/reviewed as options. This would include but not be limited to: patient’s own resources, private health insurance, public assistance, Medicare, Medicaid, and legal settlements. Patients may only be reviewed for Financial Assistance or Charity after above avenues have been exhausted.

For additional information, please check the links & information provided below:

  1. Self-Pay Agreement
  2. Maternity Package Agreement
  3. Assistance Screening Application
  4. Documents Needed for your Application
  5. FAQs
    Q: How do I know if I am eligible for any assistance (i.e. Medicaid, Financial Assistance, Charity)?
    By completing the Assistance Screening Application and providing income & asset verifications. This application and documentation will be reviewed by a PAP staff member along with your credit report, and then an assessment will be made for your situation.

    Q: How long do I have to complete the applications?
    1) It is our goal to be in contact with you a minimum of 7 days prior to your procedure, if scheduled; while you are in the hospital; or up to 14 days after your admission date.
    2) If we are unable to contact you and/or miss you while you are in the hospital, we will attempt to contact you between 7-30 days after discharge, depending on the type of admission.
    3) The timeline for completing the applications varies depending on the type of assistance for which you qualify. Your best bet is to contact Patient Assistance Programs as soon as possible.

    Q: What is the latest date I can qualify for assistance?
    Again, this timeframe varies depending on the assistance for which you qualify. However, if you have failed to contact the Patient Assistance Programs within 180 days from your date of admission, you must write a letter to the Director of Registration explaining the extenuating circumstances that prevented you from making contact within the first 180 days.

    Q: I don’t understand because I haven’t been contacted by anyone. My balance is under $1000.
    Our program focuses on patients with balances greater than $1000. You need to submit their request in writing to the Director of Patient Registration along with the Assistance Screening Application and all required income/asset verifications.

    Q: How long do I have to provide the documentation needed?
    Any missing documentation for the Assistance Screening Application must be supplied within seven to ten business days from the date of request for documents.

    Q: Are elective services covered?
    It depends on the type of assistance for which you are approved.
    • For Financial Assistance, pre-qualification is required PRIOR to the procedure if scheduled; this includes completing the Assistance Screening Application and providing required income/asset documentation, as well as paying a portion of the estimated charges.
    • For Charity Assistance, elective services are excluded.
    • For all other programs, it is subject to a case-by-case review.


If you need further assistance, please contact the Patient Assistance Programs message line at 941.917.7459; leave a message, including your name & telephone number, and someone will return your call within 48 business hours.

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