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  • Learning
  • Pay attention
  • Relax
  • Remove distractions
  • Use all your senses - get aids for those senses that need strengthening, i.e. hearing aids, glasses etc.
  • Use Cues - associations that could help you remember -use visualization
  • Use Mnemonic devices - i.e. HOMES ( the names of the great lakes)
  • Repeat, rehearse -write it down
  • Retrieval
  • Get organized/ establish routines -keep structure and consistency (but don’t be afraid to occasionally enjoy something different)
  • Take notes - make lists
  • Use appointment Books/ Day timers
  • Use old tricks that work for you
  • Be patient with yourself - give yourself time to remember - be prepared
  • Living right
  • Reduce Alcohol intake/ stop smoking
  • Reduce stress
  • Treat depression
  • Monitor Blood pressure, cholesterol and other cardiovascular conditions
  • Eat right & exercise
  • Get enough sleep/rest
  • Avoid injury (wear a seatbelt, avoid falls)
  • Exercise your brain - think creatively, find a hobby you enjoy
  • Maintain family & social relationships

The Memory Disorder Clinic provides full evaluation of persons with memory loss and free education in the community. Free community or telephone screenings are also available. No physician referral required. Medicare assignment accepted. Call 941/917-7197 for further information.

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