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Do You and Your Car “FIT” Together? Printer Friendly Version Printer Friendly Version Share

According to a program called “CarFit” developed by the American Society on Aging, AARP, the AAA Auto Club, and the American Occupational Therapy Association you should also consider the following factors to determine if you and your car are a “good fit.”

  • Keep a clear line of sight over the steering wheel, meaning you should be able to see at least 3 inches above the wheel
  • Make sure there is at least 10 to 12 inches between your breastbone and the front airbag and steering wheel
  • Adjust the seat before beginning to drive. You should be able to do this easily so you have good visibility and easy access to controls
  • Adjust your headrest so that the center is against the back of your head, not your neck
  • Make sure you can easily access the gas and brake pedals without having to reach or stretch. You should be able to completely depress the brake pedal as well as easily move your foot back and forth from the gas to brake
  • Adjust your seat belt to your comfort. The lower part of the belt should go across your hips and the shoulder harness should go across your ribcage (not under your arm). You should also make sure you are able to unbuckle and re-buckle the seat belt without difficulty
  • Make sure you can get in and out of your vehicle easily
  • Make sure you are able to turn your head and look over your shoulder
  • Make sure you can sit comfortably without knee, back, hip, neck, or shoulder stiffness or pain

If you are interested in attending a CarFit event in the local area, contact Maria at 941/917-7197

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