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Welcome to the Sarasota Memorial Health Care System Emergency Management web page. This section provides information about the organization's preparation and procedures for emergency situations and disaster response.

NOTE: The Sarasota County All Hazards Guide is currently available through the Sarasota County Emergency Management Website.

ParamedicHospital's Role in an Emergency:
Please remember, first and foremost, that the hospital is an acute care facility providing health care for patients. Because of this important role, the hospital’s resources are committed to those who need them most, and the hospital is not equipped to act as a community shelter during a disaster. If shelter is needed, please contact the Sarasota County Emergency Management Office at 941-861-5000.

Sarasota Memorial's Emergency Management Team meets monthly to work on preparing our hospital and staff in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. The Emergency Management Team creates policies and procedures using the following four aspects of Emergency Management:

Current Activation Status: Level 3 - Normal (Monitoring Phase)

Information and advisories about the hospital's and outpatient sites' status during an emergency will be posted here as necessary.

Here are the activation levels:

Level 1 (Red) - Full Scale Activation of Emergency Response Team. In a full-scale activation, all primary and support teams under the hospital plan are notified. The Incident Command Center will be staffed.

Level 2 (Orange) - Partial Activation of Emergency Response Team. This is a limited activation. All primary or lead command staff are notified. The Incident Command Center will be staffed as needed.

Level 3 (Green) - Monitoring Activation - Normal. Level 3 is typically a "monitoring" phase. Notification will be made to appropriate staff who would need to take action as part of their everyday responsibilities.

1. Preparedness
Planning, establishing procedures and preparing the facility for any emergency situation.

2. Mitigation
Identifying hazards or risks for emergency situations or disasters in the hospital and region and doing what can be done to reduce the risk for damage by these hazards.

3. Response
Planning and testing the hospital’s disaster response at least twice a year, using a potentially high-risk scenario to assess the emergency response plans.

4. Recovery
Planning the hospital's recovery from a potential disaster and continuing to serve the community throughout the emergency.

To respond to an emergency or disaster with a large number of potential casualties, Sarasota Memorial would activate certain triage procedures. This may include some or all of the following responsibilities and services:

Decontamination Response Team (DRT)
Drill TeamIf an emergency involves exposure to chemicals or other hazardous materials, Sarasota Memorial may activate stationary and portable decontamination systems supplied by federal funding. The hospital also employs staff members specially trained in site management and decontamination procedures and equipment. Individuals exposed to hazardous materials may be decontaminated before entering the hospital to ensure the safety of patients and personnel.

Hospital Incident Command Center
The overall direction of facilities operations in the disaster will be managed through this center and a commander designated by hospital administration. Management of communications, internal resources, information regarding surge capacity, personnel and medical staff, occupancy of buildings and other key decisions all will take place in the Incident Command Center.

Patient Triage Station
Emergency Department and admitting staff will triage, register and maintain tracking information on patients.

Labor Pool
Staff members assigned to the hospital's Labor Pool will report to a designated location to serve as runners and provide other assistance with resources, information and communication as needed under the direction of the Incident Command Center.

Media Control Center
The public information officer will establish a location and remain in continuous contact with the Incident Command Center and patient triage staff to help ensure accurate internal and external communications regarding the situation.

Family Reception Center
The hospital will designate area(s) for visitors and family to gather and receive updates. Social services staff, chaplains and other personnel will be available to provide support and information.

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For more information about Sarasota Memorial's Emergency Management initiatives, contact Emergency Management Coordinator Debbie Duff, (941 )917-8132 or email,

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