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Minimal Surgery...Minimal Recovery...Greater Peace of Mind


Today, more than half the surgery cases in the United States are performed with minimally invasive techniques. As minimally invasive surgery continues to grow and robotic surgery and telemedicine become more common, integrated operating rooms (also known as intelligent or i-ORs) will become industry standard.

At Sarasota Memorial, we are pleased to offer our surgeons and patients five new i-ORs equipped with the latest technology most advanced surgical options available today.

Dedicated to minimally invasive surgery, each surgical suite features multiple flat panel, high definition monitors mounted to the walls and ceiling; in-suite imaging capabilities that provide immediate access to radiologic and pathologic data; and endoscopic, laparascopic and robotic surgical tools that allow doctors to operate through key-hole size incisions.

Benefits include:

  • Smaller incisions typically result in less pain, faster healing, and shorter hospital stays—or no hospital stay at all.
  • Integrated technologies provide vital information at staff and surgeon’s fingertips (or voice command) -- instant communication and visualization of medical information that allows coordinated and collaborative care between the surgeon, surgical team, consulting physicians, pathologists and other specialists in different locations.
  • With access to more real time clinical information, the surgical team can address any problems on the spot, eliminating the guesswork and potential need for follow-up surgery.

For more information or a referral to one of Sarasota Memorial's minimally invasive surgeons, please call our HealthLine at (941) 917-7777, or browse our online physician directory.

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