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Ductography or Galactography is an examination of the milk ducts to evaluate nipple discharge, which is a common complaint. Usually, nipple discharge is a result of benign changes and is not a sign of breast cancer.

When nipple discharge occurs spontaneously, without squeezing the nipple, and the discharge is coming from one duct of the breast, the patient should be evaluated.

During the procedure, the patient may experience a sensation of fullness. A tiny tube is placed in the opening of the duct via the nipple and a small amount of liquid dye is injected. A mammogram is then performed. The dye makes the duct visible on the mammogram and any abnormality in the duct will be easily detected.

Questions or Scheduling
Our Breast Health team is here to answer questions and help address any concerns you have about preventing or treating breast cancer and breast abnormalities. Call our Breast Health nurses at (941) 917-2688 for information. To schedule a mammogram or other breast imaging test, call (941) 917-7322.

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