Complicated Pregnancies
We all hope to have a healthy pregnancy, but for some expectant moms pregnancy can be a time of unexpected health problems or concerns. Approximately 15 percent have or develop medical problems that require maternal-fetal specialists to care for them. Others may need to be monitored closely in the hospital to prevent complications.

The Perinatal Center of Sarasota Memorial offers the latest in prenatal testing, genetic counseling and management of high-risk pregnancies. Our board-certified perinatologists – doctors who specialize in high-risk pregnancies – are nationally recognized for emergency obstetric care, managing pregnancy complications and delivering multiples.

• Experienced labor & delivery and neonatal nurses, certified in neonatal resuscitation and specially trained in the stabilization and care of critically ill newborns and premature babies. • Level III Antepartum units, which provide specialized care for women with high risk pregnancies, Maternal-Neonatal Intensive Care Transport Unitbefore and following delivery. Mothers may be admitted by their primary care physician or specialist for extra monitoring or treatment, or they may be transferred here from a community hospital that lacks the specialists or technology to treat them.

• Our highly equipped Maternal-Neonatal ambulance serves as a mobile intensive care unit transporting women with high-risk pregnancies and at-risk newborns to Sarasota Memorial from outlying hospitals.

• Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (the most advanced in Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte and DeSoto counties) is equipped to care for even the most fragile of premature and critically ill newborns. It is staffed around-the-clock by board-certified neonatalogists – doctors who specialize in intensive care for at-risk newborns.


Women with high-risk pregnancies are welcome to tour our NICU to learn more about the services offered in our intensive care nursery.

Information: (941) 917-6530.

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