A Message From Nursing Leadership

We would like to introduce you to an organization that is leading the way in caring. Sarasota Memorial Health Care System has a "vision" for nursing, which is . . .

\link to video image To be recognized as a dynamic profession, advocating a mind, body and spirit approach to healthand wellness in our community.

This vision for nursing is based on the core values and beliefs of all nurses throughout our organization and has created a connection of our profession despite the diversity of our roles, areas of expertise and specialization.

This living document is visible through many current initiatives, including:

We strongly believe that a nursing leader is not defined by their title, but by their passion, their commitment and their willingness to champion what they believe in. Our efforts focus on the promotion of this leadership, as well as professionalism, innovation and creativity. It's our constant celebration of nursing that we believe is worth discovering.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital
Nursing Administration

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