Nurse Residency Program

The Sarasota Memorial Health Care System (SMHCS) is proud to offer an evidence-based approach to the integration of a new graduate into the Sarasota Memorial Health Care Team. A nurse residency program is a proven approach to help new graduate registered nurse successfully integrate into the workforce. As a Magnet© facility, SMHCS strongly encourages BSN graduates to apply. In order to advance the nursing profession we are committed to increasing the number of BSN prepared nurses at the bedside. Non BSN graduates are required to sign a commitment letter to obtain a BSN within a 3yr time period.

The goals for the Nurse Residency Program are:


  1. How long is orientation?
    The orientation process is individualized. The specific length of you orientation will be determined week by week.
  2. When do you hire new graduate RN’s? If you are not directly hired to a floor we also have Graduate RN events throughout the year.
  3. How are new graduate RN’s selected? SMHCS takes pride in hiring professional new graduate nurses that are committed to excellence. Collaborative leadership is an important process at SMHCS that ensures all members have a voice; this includes the selection of new employees. The selection process may include but not limited to, GN events, panel interviews, peer interviews and opportunities to shadow. You are either selected to work one floor as a direct hire or you can be hired by the transition team.
  4. How is my orientation individualized? The nurse residency program utilizes the expertise of clinical coaches (preceptors) and the support of an educational advisor to develop and evaluate progress made toward each nurses specific goals. The program is structured to advance the nurse to intermediate skill levels.
  5. What other strategies are utilized to facilitate a successful RN role transition? Classroom time; support groups, Human patient simulation, and guest speakers are utilized. Specialty units may have an extended orientation for specific knowledge and skill acquisition.
  6. How does the hospital support my continued growth as an RN? The SNAPP program (Seminar for Novice Nurses Advancing Professional Practice) will offer continued support throughout your first year. More information regarding the SNAPP program will be provided during the orientation period.
  7. What is the transition team? A team of new graduates that is directly hired by SMHCS, trained and with the goal of obtaining a permanent unit by the end of their orientation.

Sarasota Memorial Health Care System offers an exciting opportunity for Baccalaureate Graduate Nurses. The Transition Team is a unique experience that allows the newly licensed BSN to become part of the SMH Magnet Nursing team and enter into the Nurse Residency Program. After the BSN completes an application and is selected, they will be contacted by the Nurse Recruiter to interview with a panel of professional leaders within the organization.

While Transition Team Nurses are not hired directly to a unit, they will enter the Nurse Residency Program and begin their orientation on the Residency Unit. During their first few weeks of orientation, while on the Residency Unit, they will interview with individual Clinical Managers for open positions. Initiating a nursing career on a  Med-Surg, Cardiac, Oncology, Rehab and Neurology unit will allow the graduate nurse to establish a solid foundation within their first year of practice. 99% of Transition Team Nurses successfully secure a full time regular position on one of the above mentioned units before the completion of the Residency Program. For the next Transition Team Interview Panel or for additional information please contact the Nurse Recruiter.

For more information please contact Jamille Byrd (Sr. Nurse Recruiter) at 941-917-6110.

To those interested in applying to the program, please go to our careers page and select job opening: Graduate Nurse – Transition Team newly licensed RN.

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