Patient Testimonial Videos

Rosemarie Cunsolo, Lake Suzy, FL
Her reflections following her robotically-assisted cardiac bypass surgery in 2010
“I had gone to the ER in my home town that afternoon and a stress test showed some serious heart problems that required emergency surgery. I was transported from Fawcett Memorial to Sarasota Memorial and taken right to the OR. Sarasota Memorial’s robotic heart surgeon, Dr. Atiq Rehman, was waiting for me and operated on me for 6 hours, until well after midnight. He used the da Vinci robot to fix the main artery to my heart. It was an amazing experience. I was home and feeling back to normal in just 5 days.”


Anthony Towell, Placida, FL & London, England
His reflections following a minimally invasive surgical mitral valve repair in 2010
“I would fly all the way back from the United Kingdom if I needed cardiac surgery again. I was amazed at how simple the surgery was and how short the recovery period was. I was feeling back to my old self in just a matter of days.”

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