Comprehensive Bariatric Program

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Comprehensive Bariatric Program
Located at the Institute for Advanced Medicine

5880 Rand Blvd, Sarasota
Suite 211

If you're considering weight loss surgery, often the hardest question is the very first one, "How do I get started?"

At Sarasota Memorial, we understand how you feel. You’re motivated to make a real change – and you’ve just been waiting for a solution that makes sense to you. One that’s easy to understand and follow. One that has a proven record of success, and one that offers all the help and support you could ask for – before, during and after your surgery.

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

Your Wait Is Over.
Sarasota Memorial offers the most comprehensive bariatric surgery program in the region. That means you can count on the best surgical expertise as well as an outstanding support system to guide you through every step of the way.

We Can Relate.
Two key members of our bariatric team are former Sarasota Memorial bariatric surgery patients. Perhaps better than anyone else, they convey the experience, professionalism and value that only Sarasota Memorial's program offers. They offer credibility, compassion and a unique insider’s perspective that our patients truly value.

7 Steps to a New You!
Simply put, Sarasota Memorial’s bariatric surgery program is a very manageable 7-step process. Each step will empower you with knowledge and equip you with the tools you’ll need to reach the next level … and the next, until you reach your goal. Remember, our team is with you all the way!

So how do you get started? Begin with Step 1 and just keep going until you get you get your life back!

Step 1
Get The Facts
Learn about the science of obesity – the who, what and why me?
Step 2
Get Your Initial Consultation
Call our office at (941)917-4753 to begin the process of getting the facts.
Step 3
Get to Know Us
Meet our team of surgeons and staff.
Step 4
Get Questions Answered
We’re here to help.
Step 5
Get Ready, Get Set, Get Surgery.
Learn about important pre-operative steps and the surgery itself.
Step 6
Get Back On Your Feet
Walk through the recovery process.
Step 7
Get Your Life Back!
Learn about life after surgery and some inspiring success stories.


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