Patients with Special Needs


Hurricane season is June 1 through November 30. 

Sarasota County has designated Sarasota Memorial as a medical shelter for our patients and people with special medical needs during critical emergency situations.  The state Department of Health has established additional shelter locations for people with special needs who do not require a hospital setting.

If you require special medical attention, please register for assistance prior to a hurricane or tropical storm by callingSarasota County's People with Special Needs (PSN) program at(941) 861-5000.  If you have pre-registered with the county, you will be contacted by the county for transport to the appropriate shelter as designated by the county.

Sarasota Memorial is NOT a community shelter.  To ensure adequate facilities, staffing and supplies for emergencies, we must reserve our rooms for patients, as well as people with special needs who have registered for assistance and have been assigned to Sarasota Memorial.  Family members and others will be directed to an appropriate community shelter (visit the American Red Cross website for more information about community shelters).

For PSNs assigned to Sarasota Memorial, the hospital will provide:

* Sleeping accommodations

Because our limited number of hospital beds must be reserved for critically ill/injured patients or patients evacuated from other hospitals, not all PSNs will be placed in a hospital bed.  A number of PSNs will be provided with cots, stretchers or recliners. Please be prepared to bring your own bedding.

*  Food (predetermined menu)

Sarasota Memorial is unable to prepare special diets for PSNs.  Caregivers and PSNs should be sure to bring their own food if they have special dietary needs.

Sarasota Memorial is unable to provide:

*  Medications: PSNs should make sure to bring a supply of prescription medications
*  TV or other entertainment: Not all PSN accommodations may have a TV.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we get through another hurricane season.

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