Breast Health Services

A Higher Level of Care … and Caring
At Sarasota Memorial's Breast Health Center, our goal is to help women live long and healthy lives. And when it comes to preventing breast cancer, the best defense is early detection.

Our breast health team provides a full spectrum of screenings and advanced testing to detect breast abnormalities, including:

Genetic Counseling & Testing 
Women with a personal and/or family history of cancer may benefit from meeting with our certified genetic counselor to assess their risk for hereditary cancer. Assessment may include genetic testing for BRCA 1/2 and other genes associated with hereditary breast cancer. For information, call (941) 917-2005.

Coordinated, Multi-Disciplinary Breast Care
At Sarasota Memorial, women diagnosed with breast cancer benefit from the concentrated attention of a team of breast care and cancer specialists. Our multidisciplinary team of breast cancer and reconstruction surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, radiation and medical oncologists and other specialists meet regularly to review cases, recommend treatments and ensure patients receive the most advanced care available to diagnose and treat cancer at its earliest and most curable stages.

Breast Health Navigator
Lady NurseAt Sarasota Memorial, we provide an experienced breast health navigator to help guide you and your family every step of the way. Our Breast Health Navigators are oncology- and breast care-certified nursing professionals specially trained to coordinate educational and supportive needs of breast cancer patients, from the time of an abnormal mammogram or breast exam to the comprehensive array of advanced testing and treatment options available for breast cancer patients. Whether it's assisting with insurance issues or just a heart-to-heart talk about issues affecting your treatment, our breast health navigators are your personal advocates for safe, quality care.

If you are facing a possible breast cancer diagnosis, or have been recently diagnosed with a new or recurring cancer, just give us a call. All services are free and confidential. To learn more, call Sarasota Memorial’s Breast Health Navigator at (941) 917-3377.

Our six outpatient imaging centers:

Questions or Scheduling

Our Breast Health team is here to answer questions and help address any concerns you have about preventing or treating breast cancer and breast abnormalities. Call our Breast Health nurses at (941) 917-2636 for information. To schedule a mammogram or other breast imaging test, call (941) 917-7322.

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