Hurricane Staffing Procedures and Important Information

Labor Pool Clinical & Non-Clinical

Labor Pool Phone Number: 941.917.5515
Labor Pool Location: Courtyard Tower Main Entry Lobby


General Information for the Following Teams:
The pre–team consists of non-clinical employees assigned to the Labor Pool to assist with People with Special Needs (PSN) intake preparation procedures. After the county's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) announces when the evacuations of PSN’s are to begin, the PSN pre-team staff will assemble in the Old Board Room at least 1 hour prior to the time the expected arrivals. Pre-team members receive a call from the Labor Pool Coordinator in advance confirming their assigned shift, expected duration, job assignment and reporting location. Pre-team labor pool members stay in the facility to complete the intake process and go home prior to lockdown of the facility and upon the arrival of "A" Team members. Employees interested in signing up for the pre-team should notify their supervisor.

Response (A) Team

  1. Once the hospital’s Incident Command Center is activated, all team members must be on the SMH campus by the time the plan is communicated via the hurricane hotline (941-917-8799),, and department leaders.
  2. At a time established by the Incident Command Center, the hospital will lock all of its entrances as a safety precaution to ensure that no unauthorized people enter the building. During the “lockdown,” entrances will be accessible only with employee ID badges.
  3. Upon arrival, the Response (A) team members should check in at the Labor Pool (located in Pre-Admission Testing on the first floor) before reporting to their department.
  4. Please ensure that your home, family, pets, etc. are safe and secure before your arrival at SMH.
  5. Please notify a family member or friend that you will be staying at the hospital for the duration of the hurricane.
  6. Keep your SMHCS ID Badge with you at all times.
  7. Depending on the event, Response (A) Team members should be prepared to stay at SMH for an extended period of time before being relieved by the Recovery (B) Team.
  8. Response (A) Team members will be released when the Incident Command Center issues the “ALL CLEAR”. If you are providing ANY patient care services, you will be required to stay until a member of the Recovery (B) team relieves you.
  9. Child care accommodations will be provided only for employees who have pre-registered with Child Care Services. Child Care is provided for parents only while they are working. Upon completion of their work shift, parents are responsible for their children.
  10. Temporary Pet Shelter is provided for employees on the Response (A) team who have pre-registered. The registration form is available here. Vaccination must be verified by pet's veterinarian. Please note pet shelters are manned by volunteers
  11. Departments should make their own sleeping arrangements within their areas. Departments with concerns or special requirements may contact the Incident Command Center.
  12. Be prepared to “rough it” and live in a group environment. (A) Team members are advised to bring the following items to work. (Bring enough personal supplies to last at least a week):
    • pager, if applicable
    • bed linens, sleeping bag or air mattress, blanket
    • personal hygiene items (i.e. toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant, etc.)
    • towels, wash cloths and soap/body wash
    • supplies for children in Child Care, including diapers/food. Formula bottles should be pre-mixed.
    • cash
    • change of clothes, including sweater/jacket, as parts of the facility may be chilly at night.
    • prescription medications/special dietary food
  13. Depending on the severity of the storm, shower facilities may be inoperable.
  14. Please be sure to complete Manual Time Sheets for FEMA reimbursement

Recovery (B) Team

General Information for Recovery (B) Team Members

  1. Unless informed otherwise by their manager, ALL Recovery (B) Team members must report to the SMH Campus immediately after the county calls the “ALL CLEAR.”
  2. Monitor the hotline (941-917-8799), smh website, WWSB ABC TV 7, or any of the following radio stations — 1320 AM, 1450 AM, 106.5 FM, 92.1 FM, 88.1 FM, 107.9 FM, 109.5 FM or AM Civil Defense — for information. It is B Team members’ responsibility to have a battery-operated radio or other device so they can hear important updates.
  3. Keep your SMHCS ID Badge with you at all times. You may need it to re-enter the area.
  4. Upon arrival, Recovery (B) Team members should check in at the Labor Pool (located in Pre-Admission Testing on the first floor) before reporting to their department.
  5. Depending on the severity of storm and disruption to the community, work schedules may fluctuate. Our goal is to return to normal operations and schedules as soon as possible. Any concerns about your schedule should be discussed with your supervisor.
  6. You may be required to stay on campus depending on the needs of the organization. Please be prepared to bring the same personal items listed above for the Response (A) Team.
  7. Child Care will be available for Recovery (B) Team members. Call the Hotline at 917-8799 to learn whether one or more centers will be open or whether you should bring your child to work.
  8. Please be sure to complete Manual Time Sheets for FEMA reimbursement. (Emergency Time Card)
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