Swallowing Disorders - Dysphagia

Swallowing disorders , also called dysphagia (dis-FAY-juh), can occur at different stages in the swallowing process:

Signs & Symptoms of Swallowing Disorders

Several diseases, conditions, or surgical interventions can result in swallowing problems.

Generally, signs may include:


Diagnosing & Treating Swallowing Disorders

A speech-language pathologist (SLP) who specializes in swallowing disorders can evaluate individuals who are experiencing problems eating and drinking. The SLP will assess your medical history, conditions and symptoms, the strength and movement of the muscles involved in swallowing, as well as posture, behavior, and oral movements during eating and drinking. Special tests are available to help evaluate swallowing disorders, including:

Treatment depends on the cause, symptoms, and type of swallowing problem, and may include:

For help finding a physician or speech-language pathologist, call our HealthLine referral team at (941) 917-7777.

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