Are You At Risk?

Over 20 million Americans have diabetes, but one out of three doesn’t know it. Diabetes is a silent disease. By the time it is diagnosed, damage to arteries, eyes, nerves and kidneys may have been going on for years. Take this quiz and see if you are at risk for diabetes. Write down the points for each statement that is true for you, then, add your score.

Are you more than 20 percent above your ideal body weight? (Yes - 5)

I am under 65 years old and get little or no exercise in a usual day. (Yes - 5)

I am 45 - 64 years old (Yes - 5)

I am 65 years or older (Yes - 9)

I am a woman who has had a baby weighing more than nine pounds at birth. (Yes - 1)

I have a sibling with diabetes (Yes- 1)

I have a parent with diabetes (Yes- 1)

3 - 9 points: You probably are at low risk for now, but you may be at a higher risk in the future. New guidelines recommend that everyone age 45 or older consider getting tested for the disease every three years.

9 or more: You could be at high risk. See your health care professional soon and find out for sure. He or she can refer you to Sarasota Memorial Diabetes Treatment Services.

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