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Make sure your children have health insurance this summer

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Local health officials encourage parents to ensure that their children have health insurance not only during the school year, but during summer months as well. Summer is the perfect time to take advantage and acquire the health coverage needed for your children.

Most families are unaware that coverage is available for children birth through age 18. Florida Kid Care is an alternative low-cost or no-cost insurance coverage for children. As the State of Florida’s health insurance for children, 1.9 million children are covered by Florida KidCare. Children enrolled in Florida KidCare receive comprehensive health coverage including doctor visits, check-ups, shots, surgery, prescriptions, vision and hearing screenings, mental health care, dental check-ups, and hospital stays. Many families pay $20 or less per month, but most pay nothing at all. Full-pay options also are available for families with higher income levels.

The Florida KidCare program was established in 1998 to help families who lack insurance get low-cost quality health care for their children. Applying for Florida KidCare is easy. Families are only required to submit one application. You can apply online at their convenience by visiting To request an application by mail, call 1-888-540-KIDS (5437). For local assistance, call 861-2808.

Children are encouraged to remain physically active during their summer break. With the sweltering summer months ahead, children often spend time participating in outdoor activities or attending summer youth camps. Having Florida Kid Care coverage provides the peace of mind parents need during these times.

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