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Florida Group Earns Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) Credential

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SARASOTA, Fla. (July 18, 2011) – The Suncoast Emergency Preparedness Information Center (EPIC) for Healthcare Providers proudly announces that the following members of the Sarasota County Healthcare Preparedness Consortium were recently awarded the Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP) credential:

  • Bartels, Amy – Sarasota County Health Department
  • Griffith, Christine – Sarasota County Health Department
  • Herrygers, Deborah – Sarasota Memorial Hospital
  • Jeffers, Carol – Sarasota County Health Department
  • Ketcham, Tammi – Sarasota County Health Department
  • Miller, Rich – Sarasota Memorial Hospital
  • Pasik, Ann – Venice Regional Medical Center
  • Slocum, Brett – Florida Department of Health
  • Watson, Robert “Mickey” – Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Formed in 2010, the Sarasota County Healthcare Preparedness Consortium is a partnership of local health and medical organizations (i.e. hospitals, dialysis centers, hospice, health department and others) that work year-round to assure a coordinated response to all potential emergencies and disasters in Sarasota County. This organization also provides leadership to assure the effective use of valuable health and medical resources during a community emergency.

CHEP was developed in 2008 by the International Board for Certification (BCHCM), a non-for-profit credentialing organization, to assure healthcare emergency management personnel meet uniform competency standards. The lessons in the Hurricane Katrina response have led to enhanced training and credentialing of those involved in response efforts related to hurricanes, tornadoes, chemical spills and a range of other hazards. A crucial part of the CHEP testing is to help ensure that healthcare emergency management professionals are able to effectively communicate and work with local officials and other outside agencies including state and federal entities during all phases of a disaster. To date, more than 350 healthcare emergency personnel have earned the CHEP credential. The Board believes that CHEP professionals will continue to make major contributions to their communities by leading and coordinating emergency planning, response, mitigation, and recovery efforts.

CHEP candidates must show proficiency on the CHEP Examination. Some of the topics addressed include evaluating the community’s vulnerability to hazards, emergency response planning and communication, incident response, medical surge capacity, organizational culture, fire and egress, pandemics, terrorism, and natural disasters.

The CHEP credential, which was developed with the assistance of more than 50 healthcare emergency managers, attracts healthcare emergency professional from across the U.S. Earning the CHEP designation illustrates a personal commitment to excellence and professionalism of those working in healthcare emergency management and related functions.

For more information:
• CHEP Application forms can be printed from the Board website or completed online at
• BCHCM Web Site Information:

For Email Contact: Phone: 205-664-8412

For information about Suncoast Emergency Preparedness Information Center (EPIC) for Healthcare Providers: Visit its website at: ###

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