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Sarasota Memorial Hospital Ranks Among Top 5% in Nation

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HealthGrades Quality Study Identifies Hospitals with Superior Patient Outcomes Across 26 Different Medical Procedures and Diagnoses 

Sarasota, FL (January 24, 2011) – Sarasota Memorial Hospital announced today that HealthGrades, the nation’s leading independent healthcare ratings organization has named it a Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence™. This prestigious distinction places Sarasota Memorial Hospital among the top 5% of hospitals nationwide for clinical performance. 

HealthGrades Hospital Quality and Clinical Excellence study, released today, objectively identifies those hospitals with the best overall clinical performance across 26 medical diagnoses and procedures that the organization rates. These 263 top-performing hospitals represent only 5% of the nation’s hospitals and each is designated as a HealthGrades Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence™. 

“Sarasota Memorial Hospital can be proud of the contributions of its physicians, nurses and staff in achieving outstanding patient care,” said Kristin Reed, MPH, HealthGrades vice president of hospital ratings and author of the study. “The Sarasota community is fortunate to have access to some of the highest quality hospital care in the nation.”

Unlike other hospital quality studies, HealthGrades evaluates hospitals solely on clinical outcomes: risk-adjusted mortality and inhospital complications. HealthGrades’ analysis is based on approximately 40 million Medicare discharges for the years 2008, 2009 and 2010. Using these top-performing hospitals as a benchmark in this year’s HealthGrades study, HealthGrades quantifies the impact of differences in hospital quality in terms of lives lost and unexpected complications. 

The HealthGrades study found that:

•  Distinguished Hospitals for Clinical Excellence (Top 5% in the nation), such as Sarasota Memorial Hospital, outperformed all other hospitals across all of the 17 mortality cohorts and six of nine complication cohorts studied from 2008 through 2010. 

•  Specifically, Distinguished Hospitals for Clinical Excellence had a 30.07% lower risk-adjusted mortality rate and a 1.86% lower risk-adjusted inhospital complication rate among Medicare beneficiaries compared to all other hospitals. 

•  In fact, if all hospitals performed at the level of Distinguished Hospitals for Clinical Excellence, 165,704 Medicare lives could potentially have been saved and 6,800 Medicare inhospital complications could potentially have been avoided.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital is 5-Star Rated for the following:

•    Five-Star Rated for Treatment of Heart Attack for 10 Years in a Row (2003-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Treatment of Heart Failure for 10 Years in a Row (2003-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Overall Orthopedic Services in 2012
•    Five-Star Rated for Spine Surgery for 7 Years in a Row (2006-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Hip Fracture Treatment in 2012
•    Five-Star Rated for Back and Neck Surgery (except Spinal Fusion) in 2012
•    Five-Star Rated for Back and Neck Surgery (Spinal Fusion) for 8 Years in a Row (2005-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Neurosciences in 2012
•    Five-Star Rated for Treatment of Stroke for 10 Years in a Row (2003-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Overall Pulmonary Services for 4 Years in a Row (2009-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Treatment of Pneumonia for 10 Years in a Row (2003-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Peripheral Vascular Bypass in 2012
•    Five-Star Rated for General Surgery in 2012
•    Five-Star Rated for GI Procedures and Surgeries for 3 Years in a Row (2010-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Treatment of GI Bleed for 9 Years in a Row (2004-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Cholecystectomy in 2012
•    Five-Star Rated for Overall Critical Care for 3 Years in a Row (2010-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Treatment of Sepsis for 9 Years in a Row (2004-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism for 3 Years in a Row (2010-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Treatment of Respiratory Failure for 3 Years in a Row (2010-2012)
•    Five-Star Rated for Maternity Care for 9 Years in a Row (2003-2011)
•    Five-Star Rated for Women's Health for 9 Years in a Row (2003-2011)
•    Five-Star Rated for Emergency Medicine for 2 Years in a Row (2010-2011)

About Sarasota Memorial Health Care System
Sarasota Memorial Health Care System is a regional referral center offering Southwest Florida’s greatest breadth and depth of inpatient, outpatient and extended care services, with more than 700,000 patient visits a year. One of the 10 largest public hospitals in America, Sarasota Memorial’s 806-bed acute care hospital has been recognized repeatedly as one of the nation’s largest, safest and best, with superior patient outcomes and a complete continuum of outpatient services– from urgent care walk-in clinics and physician groups, laboratory and diagnostic imaging centers, to home health and skilled nursing & rehabilitation. Sarasota Memorial is the only hospital in the Suncoast region (Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte and DeSoto counties) ever to make HealthGrades’ 50 best list. For information, visit:

HealthGrades Hospital Quality Distinctions
As part of this study, HealthGrades evaluates each of the nation’s 5,000 nonfederal hospitals in 26 procedures and diagnoses, allowing individuals to compare their local hospitals online at HealthGrades hospital quality distinctions are independently created; no hospital can opt-in or opt-out of being evaluated, and no hospital pays to be evaluated. Mortality and complication rates are risk adjusted, which takes into account differing levels of severity of patient illness at different hospitals and allows for hospitals to be compared equally.

About HealthGrades
HealthGrades, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is a leading provider of comprehensive information about physicians and hospitals. More than 200 million consumers use the HealthGrades websites, including and, to research, select, and connect with a physician or hospital, and use its comprehensive information about clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, patient safety, and health conditions to make more informed healthcare decisions and take action. Find more information about our products and services at Follow us on Twitter (@HealthGrades) and Facebook for news and updates. More information on how HealthGrades guides Americans to their best health can be found at

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