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Patient Stories

Here's what our patients have to say about their experiences at Sarasota Memorial. Take a look at excerpts from letters that have recently been sent to us.

I was recently in the Cardiac Diagnostic Testing lab as well as the Cath Lab. I wanted to take a minute to let Sarasota Memorial know about some fantastic team members.In the Diagnostic Testing Lab, ... Read More
We arrived at the ER at Sarasota Memorial's main campus to have (a family member) evaluated for confusion. We thought it was dehydration (and that might have been part of it), but to our surprise i ... Read More
My sister was a patient in ICU. Thank you for all the care and support she received from Cathy and Debbie.To Cathy and Debbie, I know you bent over backwards for my family in their time of greatest n ... Read More
SMH is a great hospital and a community hospital too! This being Doctor's Day I needed to say something.My care from SMH staff was excellent from ortho orientation, lab work, pre op, surgery,recovery ... Read More
"I have nothing but good things to say" I recently had a visit to the Emergency Care Center with an ill friend. I first encountered James in the emergency triage area. He was very attentive and ex ... Read More
I just wanted to say thank you to the staff on 6E, the general surgery floor. I am a home care nurse by trade & have worked as RN for over 33 years & I spent a week with the staff who cared for my siste ... Read More
I was admitted to your fine institution twice within the last month. I have complied with the requests for completing and returning the surveys, but more needs to be said. My experience at SMH was t ... Read More
I had a total hip replacement and wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the organization and teamwork that I experienced. From the pleasant young people at registration, through the ... Read More
I want to say thank you to all the nurses and PCSs who took care of me before, during and after my surgery. I want to say a special thank-you to Maria on the 4th floor — She is a prep tech.Thank you ... Read More
My wife recently was brought to the ER with stroke symptoms. By the time I arrived, 10 minutes behind EMS (who, by the way responded in five minutes), she was already having a CT scan. Within 10 more mi ... Read More
I almost had a second heart attack. Thanks to Michael Mollod, MD, and Steven Class, MD - They saved my butt! I can't thank them as much as I need to. Thanks also go to staff. Everybody seemed to really ... Read More
Let me tell you that my wife had not been in a hospital for almost 50 years and she has rarely been sick, so this urgent medical problem she had was something very new for her. I must report ... Read More
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped take care of my father last week. You should be so proud of your staff, as they represented your hospital in the most professional and personal way. ... Read More
My husband was a recent patient at SMH. Kudos to the 5 East Tower staff on taking great care of him and a special kudos to Nakia, PCT.This young man went above and beyond in making my husband comfort ... Read More
Thanks to all involved, especially Dr. Gerber for helping me get fixed up and on my way to healing so my vacation wasn't miserable. I know that I have a hospital that I can trust when I'm visiting ... Read More
Overall, I was very pleased to have chosen your hospital for urgent care and beyond impressed with the stellar care received at your facility. Sincerely, Julie Hinckbr Registered ... Read More
I have recently been at SMH twice in the past three months, once for heart and the second for a knee replacement. I can't begin to tell you how terrific the entire staff has been and how truly stellar ... Read More
My husband went to the ER this week and needed to be admitted and have minor surgery. We were at SMH for two-and-a-half days. Your entire staff, from emergency room personnel to housekeeping, kitche ... Read More
My husband and I had just arrived in Sarasota the first day of our six-week vacation from Ontario when I noticed my right hand was very tender down one side. The pain was getting worse and I thought ... Read More
In March of 2010, prior to his diagnosis of cancer he had suffered a heart attack and was "dashed" to the cardiac cath lab with, what I was told later a "widow maker", a potentially lethal diagnosis. ... Read More
At this point, I had retired and decided to become an SMH volunteer to show my appreciation to all these hard working professionals. Every person I encounter at SMH is welcoming, friendly and help ... Read More
First, I would like to thank the Sarasota Fire Department and Police Department. Humans use a lot of big scary machines and sometimes, not very carefully. One of your big scary machines, you call t ... Read More
I want to thank your hospital for its excellence of care, the Intensive Care Unit nurses, Chaplain John and the entire staff. SMH is a finely tuned exanple of what a group with sincere caring and s ... Read More
During the entire 32 hours of labor, each nurse would give me words of encouragement and give me strength to push on. I never felt so safe. Even when my daughter had to return to the hospital days ... Read More
I had my annual mammography this morning at the University Parkway location. I was so impressed with the quality and efficiency of service that I felt compelled to write. From the moment I walked in t ... Read More
My husband had been sick with a fever of 103 for five days, so we were concerned that it was something serious. We hesitated to go to the ER due to past experiences at other Emergency Rooms. We were p ... Read More
"I couldn't wait to get my hands on that robot," said Kelly, who just 18 months earlier had an emergency triple bypass performed by Sarasota Memorial cardiac robotic surgeon Atiq Rehman, MD, and on ... Read More
I recently had hip replacement surgery by Dr. Ed Stolarski at Sarasota Memorial. Cannot say enough good things about the doctor, his assistant James, and the folks in the Orthopedic Unit at SMH headed u ... Read More
The neonatologist who delivered Jackson told us that he had a 50-50 chance of survival and not to expect him home until his due date. We spent the next 92 days in the NICU at SMH. From the momen ... Read More
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