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Patient Stories

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Gerald's Story

My wife recently was brought to the ER with stroke symptoms. By the time I arrived, 10 minutes behind EMS (who, by the way responded in five minutes), she was already having a CT scan. Within 10 more minutes her primary care doctor Sheri Weinstein arrived. Just behind was the on-call neurologist, Dr. Dean Sutherland. TPA was set up and ready to go. Nursing team had all in hand, including the rapid-response nurse, all of whom had done the evaluation according to protocol. The ER physician had seen her and the CT. Forty-five minutes after she passed through the ER doors, TPA was being administered. Within minutes, confusion cleared, speech returned, motor function began to return on the right side, and improvement continued for the next several hours.

She was transferred to Neuroscience Progressive Care Unit, where a bed was waiting. Nursing care over the next 36 hours was flawless, professional, caring. There was no "We'll have to wait until Monday for... as this is night/weekend." All needed studies had been performed AND reported! Consults were prompt and efficient, and communication between primary, cardiology and neurology services was seamless.

I was in medicine, in a hospital setting for many years, and I have seen good medicine, and I have seen bad medicine. But I have never seen a co-ordinated effort like this, with the kind of professionalism, kindness and passion shown my wife. She left the hospital less than 40 hours after entering, all motor and sensory function intact, asymptomatic, and with a normal CT scan.

I can't thank you enough. This is truly medicine at its finest: the way medicine is meant to be practiced.

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